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Join us on Friday, July 12th at Cedar Beach for a day of  basketball, barbecue, raffles, and solidarity. 

For the fifth year, we will host a 3 versus 3 basketball tournament on the Jake Engel Memorial Basketball Court. Money raised through team participation fees, food, sponsorships, general donations, and raffles will be used to make a large donation to Hope House Ministries and high school scholarships. 



In our efforts to make this a community-centered event, a barbecue will be held during the tournament. Food, picnic tables, and backyard-style games will be able alongside the beach.  


Basketball Tournament

The center of the fundraiser is a three versus three basketball tournament consisting of twenty-four teams. The team participation fee is $30. The tournament is double elimination, with a winner's bracket and a loser's bracket. The game rules are as follows: 

  • Every game will be played to 5 points, or 7 minutes, whichever comes first. 
  • After a team scores, the opposing team starts with the ball.
  • Games are played to straight 5, not win by 2.
  • If the game is tied after 7 minutes, the next team to score wins. 
  • Game supervisors will call fouls.
  • The team who is fouled will get the ball at the top of the key.
  • If there is an air ball or turnover, the ball must be brought back to the top of the key before offense is initiated.
  • All participants must sign an injury waiver prior to the start of the tournament 

Spots fill up very quickly. To guarantee your spot in the tournament please email us with your finalized team, along with your team name. Matching outfits are not required but are strongly encouraged.

Current Champions

2018 - "Team Get the Bag"

James Nielsen (left), Austin Yezarski (middle), and Alexander Greenidge (right)

Past Champions

2017 - Don Juan Dons

Andrew Read, Bradley Williamson, Jacob Bloom, Brendan Callahan

2016 - Corey's Bellfox

Corey Markowitz, Travis Bell, Ethan Fox

2015 - Cheese Nips

Jeffrey Reh, Nick Acevedo, Bryce Krawec, Mike Ginty